Art Gallery

Enjoy art of various styles and mediums in the beautiful loft.
We feature local artists (both amateur and professional) over the course of the season, in 3-week-long shows. Visit often to enjoy emotion and beauty portrayed by our local creatives!
(Note: there is a flight of stairs to climb in order to see the art)

Free Admission

Gallery Hours match Farm Store Hours: Thursday through Sunday, 10AM-5PM

Artists: Creative work in all types of media considered. Professionals, amateurs, high quality handcrafts, art/crafting guilds, and outsider/visionary artists welcome to apply.
If you'd like to do a show this year, fill in this form to get started

Crafters: If you make high-quality items, and are interested in sales on consignment in our farm store, fill in this form to get started.

2023 Shows
(Schedule Coming by spring)

Previous Shows

  • Erica Moulton
    & Lavender Splender
    July 21st - August 7th

  • Gregory Blue
    & Ivy Egger
    August 11th - 28th

  • Linda Daniels
    & Catherine Renzi
    September 1st - 18th

  • Bonnie Neubauer
    & Stephanie Przybylek
    Sept. 22nd - Oct. 9th

  • Theresa Groff, Kris Berlin,
    & Cait Maud
    October 13th - 30th

  • Chester County Potters
    & Empty Bowls
    November 10th - 20th