Rachel Coleman & George Gehringer

October 12th – October 29th
Thursdays through Sundays, 10-5

George Gehringer

Artist Statement:
The Earth and our personal worlds are built on layers of materials,
history and creative consciousness. Being a sponge for art
history, it is an inspiration used to search for an artistic
Geo Ceramics is a fusion of art history inspirations, personal
experiences and technical development. This has evolved an
iconography that makes the pieces distinctive. The forms created
in clay are first drawn and colored on paper and canvas to explore
initial concepts. During this period extensive notes are made of
references, textures, patterns, colors and finishes. Since only a
single proprietary clay formula and firing cycle are used this
allows for continued experimentation in textures, patterns, engobe
and glaze colors.
This method of work allows for both standardized production of
functional wares as well as limited collections and unique objects.
Thus, the work is in constant stylistic flux which brings energy and
newness to each piece. Creativity is about absorbing the past to
reflect a future, learning how to use personal experiences and
growing technical capabilities.

Email: geogehringer4@gmail.com
On the web: https://geoceramics.com/

Rachel Coleman

Hi, I’m Rachel Coleman and I am a self taught abstract fluid artist from Chester County.  I am grateful to say that I found my passion about two years ago and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. I am a control freak and this form of art is teaching me to let go. You can never have complete control in fluid art and I find that very exciting!

I find inspiration from many other artists. Knowing that anyone can have an idea in their mind, and execute it in a creative way, is humbling to me. I am thrilled to share my art with you.

Find me on Instagram: @Shyfoxstudio822 
And on the web at: shyfoxstudio.com.