2017 Crop of Farmers

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's time to meet the farmers growing your food!

But what IS a farmer, anyway?

Someone who likes being dirty? Who enjoys sweat, bugs, and rain filling their boots? Who really loves country music?

Well, maybe not those things too much (or at all!!), but what this year's "crop" of farmers is includes people who are interested in:

Art, forestry, sustainability, biology, vegetarianism, geek culture, philosophy, education, silly and sci-fi movies, singing show tunes, playing games, talking about poop, music, cooking and DIY, trivia, ribbing each other, going for hikes, working on tall ships, sewing and other art & crafts, playing instruments, and so, so much more. It is a fantastically great diverse group of people who enjoy growing food for you (and themselves!) to eat. 

A bunch of these fine folks you've seen over the past few years, but we have a few new farmers on board this year (welcome Alan, Katiana, Christine, Kyra, and Skylar!), and we look forward to working together all season to bring you the finest flavors from NSO!

Rear (L to R): Kyra, Alan, Josh, Kevin, Skylar, Ezra, Christine
Front (L to R): Katiana, Angela, Lena, Stephanie, Laurie, Lisa)
Not Pictured: Farmer Ike (because he's taking the picture!)