Airborne Sourdough + Daffodils = ??

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some equations are best left unsolved. Despite all the delicious, rewarding, motivating experiences we have in our culinary careers, there can be distressing moments. Whether it’s a burnt omelette, a rotten melon, or an unfortunate mismeasurement of salt, such mishaps induce cringes and sighs everywhere.

A double tragedy occurred at my house some months ago upon the discovery of an abandoned sourdough loaf. Marooned in its plastic, it was an artifact of our
grocery shopping past, so freezer-burned that only foxes and crows could see value in it. With that very "treat" for them in mind, I strode onto our deck, loaf in hand, and carefully aimed down the hill beyond the daffodils. I pulled back, hurled the loaf, and watched as it descended gracefully and cannoned, thumping resonantly, into a clump of daffodils. Bright green stalks under those beautiful blooms crunched and splayed in all directions, only somewhat recovering after the impish loaf rolled contentedly down to my intended strike zone.

Both humiliating and hilarious, the mishap provided laughs for that week and beyond. I still do not know if the flowers survived—with some luck and good wishes they may grow again next spring!

(Editor's Note: The "moral" of the story...remember to look in the back farthest reaches of your freezer from time to time. But if you forget? Toss stuff out in the winter, thereby saving any unsuspecting flowers! Hungry wintertime critters will love you for it!)