Build-A-Bench Recycling Challenge!

Sunday, May 30, 2021

If you are concerned about the amount of plastics we are using in society today, and the very little (about 9%) of it that actually gets recycled (See "A Whopping 91% of Plastic Does Not Get Recycled" and "How Much Plastic Actually Gets Recycled?"), then we hope you'll be as excited as we are to enter the Build-A-Bench Recycling Challenge with us this season!

Trex takes recycled plastic film and recycles it into outdoor building materials (for decking, benches, etc.), which is a cooler, non-splintery & care-free alternative to pressure-treated wood (which is full of its own environmental impacts).

To this end, they have a Recycling Challenge that we hope you'll be excited to do along with us!

What is the challenge?
1. Collect 500 pounds of the appropriate plastics over a 6-month period.
2. Win a free bench made by Trex if we meet the goal!

If we don't make the 500 pounds? Well - we've STILL ensured that all the plastic we collect is going to be used in their building products, rather than ending up in the landfill or being incinerated.

A win-win in our book!

How do you participate in this challenge?
1. Bring along with you to the farm store or one of our farmers' market location stands all your saved up appropriate items (and, heck, those from your family, neighbors, and office as well!).
2. Keep it simple by bringing your collection every time you shop and simply deposit it in our recycle bins. 
3. We rely on you to be mindful of the types of things which can be collected (see image, and we'll have posters)

We'll take care of the rest! Easy!!