Fall on the Farm

Friday, September 15, 2017

Summer isn’t technically over yet, but the temperature is dropping and the fall crops are ready to take over!  Even though it happens around the same time every year, it always seems to take us by surprise.  How is it already mid-September?  What happened to the summer?  However, as sad as we are to see the summer end, we are very excited for all the fall crops and events.

In the garden, we are picking the last of the tomatoes and eggplants and have already said goodbye to the summer squash and cucumbers.  In their place we have hearty storage crops like beets, potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, leeks, and winter squash like butternut, buttercup, and delicata.  And our greenhouse, which holds all of our plant starts during spring and summer, is now being used to cure/dry Arikara beans, flint corn, and carrot seeds for next years planting.  As much as we will miss zoodles and tomato sandwiches, we are ready for potato leek soup and sweet potato fries!  

As for the orchard, we are picking the last of the peaches and plums and starting to pick more apples, European pears, and Asian pears (although we don't have many of them this year, and here's why).  We’ve also started making cider again which always makes it feel like fall.  One of our favorite things about the cooler temperature is warm, spiced cider after a long week at work- whiskey optional.   And more apples also means Tasting Events!  This year, which just so happens to be our 25th Anniversary,  we are offering both sit down and walk-about tasting experiences (learn more here).  Each event will have different varieties to sample so join us for as many as you can and experience fall at the farm for yourself!