Farm Feet: Hannah!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hannah is in her third year here at NSO and has been our Washroom Manager since last year. She is responsible for making sure all of our vegetables for CSA and markets get washed, dried, packed, and stored in the proper ways to ensure they stay fresh and taste great! This year, she is also taking on the role of Vegetable CSA Manager and has been spending countless hours getting our new website up and running smoothly.  

What keeps you coming back to NSO each year?

Firstly, I really love the work. It is very satisfying to be outside all day working with your hands in the dirt, growing food. I enjoy the process. I also feel like I learn new things every year as new opportunities arise.

Other than farming, what do you like to do?

Over the past year I have spent some time teaching creative writing to homeschooled kids which I have really enjoyed. And I’ve gotten pretty into crossfit too! I spend a lot of time writing fiction and essays, and playing guitar as well.

What are you most excited about this season?

I’m excited about the Star Barn Market opening in the fall (a farm store on site). I’m also working CSA pickup this year and am excited to have the opportunity to get to know more of our customers. And I’m always excited for farmers’ markets!

What do you listen to during repetitive tasks such as thinning Asian pears?

Well, I love listening to books so LibriVox is my best friend! You can get free recordings of classics in the public domain. Right now I’m listening to the autobiography of Owen Chase who was the First Mate of the whaleship Essex. I also like listening to podcasts or music when I just need something to put me in a good mood.