Farm Feet: Kelly!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

This is Kelly’s third year at NSO and she does a bit of everything. She packs shares for the Vegetable and Fruit CSA, she harvests, weeds, and plants vegetables, she thins fruit, she makes deliveries, and she goes to school!  She is currently attending St. Joseph’s University where she is working towards an Environmental Science degree.  (Fun Fact: Kelly and her two daughters are all attending college at the same different schools, thankfully!)  When she does have a free moment, she enjoys kayaking and finding fun places to hike with her new dog, Sadie.

What do you listen to during repetitive tasks like thinning Asian pears?

I listen to free audiobooks from LibriVox (free because they are all books in the public domain and are read aloud by people from all over the world). I’ve been listening to lots of philosophy:  Plato, Socrates, you know...the greats!

You are currently attending St. Joseph’s University and working towards an Environmental Science degree. How does your work here relate to that?

Agriculture affects the environment greatly and I wanted to work in sustainable agriculture to learn methods that I could apply to my studies. As a lifetime resident of Chester County, water run-off issues are particularly close to my heart.

This is your third year at NSO, so you have seen quite a few changes around here. What change has had the most direct impact on your daily work?

The water wheel planter! Planting leeks without the water wheel planter and now with it has made a huge difference. It makes planting faster, easier, and it’s surprisingly fun! You still get pretty dirty but at least you don’t have to crawl.