Farmer Zippy's Notebook: Up on the Brownie

Zippy, translated by Hannah
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lisa took me up in the Brownie today. I didn’t want to go up at all, but the farm helpers who drive the Brownies talked me into it – they said it was going to be fun. It wasn’t.

It was REALLY scary. So scary that I kept my eyes closed the whole ride down.

Good things about being up on the Brownie: I could see all the way across the orchard. It’s really cool looking from way up high – you can see the whole layout of the orchard, which you can’t see from the ground. I could see the tops of the trees up close, too – they’re really young and bendy at the top, and super green. We even found a bird’s nest in one of them!

Bad things about being up on the Brownie: Everything else. It’s REALLY high up, and there’s only a thin metal rail separating you from the edge of the platform. It’s super noisy – it made my ears rattle. And every time Lisa presses the pedals, it moves! Up, down, back, forth, side to side. Moving down is the worst.

Ike and Farmer Josh use the Brownies to prune the trees, and Lisa and Farmer Justin use them when we’re fruit thinning. I think it sounds like an awful job – I don’t know how they do it. I thought we were going to fall the whole time. I don’t care what the farm helpers say – I’m never going up on the Brownie ever again!

Here’s even a video of my scary ride up in the Brownie. See what you think…would YOU go up in it?