Golden Memories for Two Gone Too Soon

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

What does November mean to you? Thanksgiving celebrations...the clocks changing...digging out the sweaters and packing away the shorts...cozy evenings with warm drinks and fun movies?

November means all of that to us and more. Here on the farm, November means Gold Rush apple month - that golden time of year we all wait for to harvest and enjoy those awesome apples, make varietal cider, and start cleaning up the farm to ‘put it to bed’ for the winter.

For some of our local community, November also marks the memorable loss of two teens who suddenly and silently lost their lives a couple years ago to odorless carbon monoxide gas.


16-year-old Carly and 17-year-old Daulty were overcome in their car in November 2014 on their way home from seeing a movie. It was a shocking and devastating loss to their families, friends, and the whole community (news article).

Since then, Carly’s mother, Donna, along with Carly’s high school friends and community members have been working through their loss and love with events (visit their Facebook page), a website, and politically to help save lives.

Thanks to the efforts of Donna and “Carly’s Angels”, the Senate in Pennsylvania recently voted and resolved to make November Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month in loving memory of all those who have lost their lives to the Silent Killer (Senate Resolution 491 on 10/26/16)


In 2016, The Carly Imbierowicz Foundation sponsored a block of 10 Gold Rush apple trees here at North Star in Carly’s honor, and we were honored as some of “Carly’s Angels” visited the trees on a beautiful fall day just before we started harvesting.

Carly’s mother has told us how much Carly loved trees and the outdoors. Linking these beautiful golden apples with the golden spirit of her daughter as well as the group’s efforts to have November declared “Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month” has meant a lot to all of us around here.

November now means that much more. Please read on for simple tips to stay safe and help save the lives of your friends and loved ones.

Carbon Monoxide is called “The Silent Killer”, and most deaths due to this gas are preventable with simple attentiveness to danger points.


CM deaths are preventable….

Install and then inspect carbon monoxide detectors monthly
Change batteries in detectors every six months (when the clocks change!)
Have furnaces inspected and cleaned yearly
Do not use generators indoors
Make sure gas grills are vented properly away from buildings
Turn vehicles off in garages
Inspect vehicles for rusted and leaking exhaust systems
Make sure vehicle exhaust is not blocked by snow, ice, or water