Happy Summer! From Your Friend Zippy

Zippy, translated by Hannah
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I LOVE the 4th of July. Don’t you? Not because of the fireworks (shh, don’t tell, but the loud noise scares me). No, I love the 4th of July because it means that summer is really here! The garden’s in full swing (the tomatoes are ripening!!), they days are looooong (which gives us lots of time to be farmers!), and the fruit out in the orchard is getting bigger. That last thing is the most exciting part... Because, after summer, fruit season is the best thing in the whole entire world.

I think the peaches are getting bigger every single day - and every single day I get more and more excited. We spent weeks thinning them (which is really itchy for most people, because the peach fuzz gets caught on your skin, and it’s really irritating. But I’m so woolly anyway I didn’t even notice!). Now all that’s left to do is wait (and watch, of course. Sometimes I walk through the orchard just to check on them, and see how they’re doing). They sort of look like they’re sleeping, out there on the branches. But they’re not! They’re growing! Soon they’re going to start getting some color - and once they’re turning yellow and orange, you know it’s getting close to picking time!

I’m so excited I’m just about jumping out of my fleece!

What are you doing to celebrate the 4th of July? I’m going to eat potato salad, made out of our nice new potatoes (I don’t know if most sheep eat potato salad, but I do). I’m going to eat some tomatoes, because they’re one of my favorite things that comes out of the garden. And I’m going to take a walk through the peach rows and check on the peaches again. (Actually, I do that last one almost every single day). I’m crossing my hooves hoping that, very VERY soon, I’m going to get my first sweet, juicy, peachy, sunshiny bite . . .

I love summer!