Holiday Time: International Eat An Apple Day!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Just when you were thinking "Darn it, there's no fun holiday on the horizon until Halloween...", here's some great news: THIS SATURDAY (September 17th) is International Eat An Apple Day! is a real thing to celebrate, is the question? And on such short notice, too! Well, easy peasy; here's a list of SIX easy and delicious ideas!

1. Eat an apple! The original fast food...just grab and munch! (or make some dipping sauce with the recipe below)

2. Carve an apple (and then eat it...)! For those of you good with a knife, anyway. Here's a video tutorial to get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to post a picture of your creation!

3. Make a recipe! From sweet to savory, there's lots of yummy things to make. Most of which don't take much prep time. You can celebrate the day with apple salads, apple main dishes, apple desserts, and/or apple beverages!

4. Go to an apple tasting! How weird it is (and I swear we didn't plan it...) that our first Apple Explorer tasting this year falls on this special holiday day! Reservations are required for the tasting, when we'll be sampling 30 varieties including Fiesta, Kinder Krisp, Ashmead's Kernel, Greensleeves, King of Pippins, Ross Nonpareil, Tsugara, and more!
Or you can simply visit the orchard and shop for your celebratory apples (we'll be open at the farm from 11 to 3 at the Blue Star Barn at 3232 Limestone Rd. Cochranville, PA)

5. Have an Apple Party! Impromptu or planned, you could invite your friends for a potluck apple pie party! Who would say no to that? Fill out your event by playing Apples to Apples or making some apple crafts!

6. Post to Social Media. There's a hashtag for when you post your holiday apple adventure: #InternationalEatAnAppleDay . And if it's a NSO apple you're eating, be sure to use #nsoflavor also!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Caramel Apple Dipping Sauce

    1 (8 oz.) package of cream cheese, softened
    1 c. brown sugar
    1 tsp. Vanilla
    ¼ c. chopped nuts (optional
    Apple slices

Beat cream cheese, brown sugar and vanilla together until smooth.
Serve with apple slices!

(Cover photo courtesy of CSA member/apple lover Zoe Y.)