Holy Bat Caves, Batman!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

This are so cool, but alas, the batmobile will not fit inside. Unless they're like the TARDIS (bigger on the inside than the outside!)?

In any case, we were thrilled this spring to be asked to participate in a bat house study being conducted by the Rodale Institute. The focus is on studying two different styles of houses and which would attract more (and what kind of) insect-eating bats. The Reading Eagle put out a great article about the study (with some quotes by yours truly) which describes the whole idea and goals behind the study.

We have been happy to learn in follow-up visits by the researchers that they are indeed hearing bats out there. Since the research has to be done at night, they use special bat-detecting equipment to "look" for bats, rather than relying on our poor human nighttime eyesight.

Added to the 90+ birdhouses for bluebirds and tree swallows we have here, we hope to soon have a full 24-hour rotating 'work shift' of insect hunters out there: birds during the day, and the bats at night. And they work for peanuts...well, insects. We are wealthy in those, that's for sure.

I do hope they will start tasting and devouring our ever-growing popluation of Japanese beetles, but they may be too crunchy, I wouldn't know. Perhaps Butler Alfred will be able to help in that regard by making them more palatable? We can only hope.

Now - to construct a bat signal...