Introducing: Your Blank Slate!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You know how you should "Just say No" to grocery store tomatoes and rather buy fresh from a farmer or grow your own? Turns out, the same phrase applies to processed tomatoes as well.

I know a lot of folks freeze or can their own sauce from fresh tomatoes. Sadly, for most of us (this farmer included!), we either don't have the time or the enegy or the know-how (or maybe all 3!) to DIY, so we end up purchasing tomato products in cans or jars from the store all winter. Now we can enjoy a way better alternative.

When you're a real tomato fiend, it can be a time of mourning when the fresh tomato season ends. "Blank Slate" will knock your socks off with superior farm-fresh tomato'll be wanting to eat it by the spoonful! This simple blend of savory really-ripe delicious tomatoes and a wee bit of olive oil and lemon juice will put all of those canned grocery store tomato products to shame!

Why "Blank Slate"?


Use it alone or make it your own.

This simple yet super-flavorful sauce really is a blank slate. You can use it as-is for something as simple as an English Muffin pizza (I've done it!) or as the base for a regular-sized pizza for everyone to share. But you can also add whatever you'd like to it and make it into something new! Onions, garlic, spices, name it! This really serves well as both a base for all of your kitchen creations and as a fast don't-need-to-do-anything-to-it sauce. When the tomatoes are that good, that's how it works!

So, "Just say No" to grocery store tomatoes AND processed tomatoes for awhile, and enjoy farm fresh tomato flavor with your own Blank Slate.