Thursday, June 23, 2016

You are probably awesome at hastagging. In fact, most NSO followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are pros. Me? Not so much.

To me it’s kind of like being in the cereal aisle. Well, worse, actually.

The cereal aisle has hundreds of flavors to choose from and I freeze up by the choices. In the hastag universe, there are millions, maybe billions. Heck there are an infinite number of them to be used - you just have to invent them!

So - for the sake of simplicity and sanity, we’ve started our own hashtag (#NSOFlavor), which is likely the only one you’ll be seeing on our posts so I don’t get sucked into the cereal aisle (I’ll stick with simple oatmeal, thank you), or become a person like the protagonist in this song.

In any case - this season as you enjoy your NSO fruits and veggies, snap some pics and share on your favorite sites and use #NSOFlavor. Together, we can build a great collection of inspirational, educational, and fun pics with all things NSO! And as we see some of your additions, we may ask your permission to repost them for all to see.

Enjoy the flavors and colors this year!



Fun with apples. Seriously, sometimes size does matter! #NSOflavor

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