Zoe Yost
Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hello!  My name is Zoe Yost, and I am fourteen years old.  The founder of My Tern!™, I sell cards of my original artwork and photographs with 100% of the proceeds supporting the Delmarva Ornithological Society’s Delaware Bird-A-Thon.  

Resembling a walkathon, the Bird-A-Thon has been raising funds for eleven years primarily to purchase, protect, and rehabilitate vital habitat for migratory birds along the Delaware Bayshore.  The proceeds of all My Tern!™ purchases will support further conservation of these essential lands.

For my part, I have been birding and painting since almost before I can remember.  I started participating in the Bird-A-Thon at age eight, and have since raised around $6,000 for this cause.  In addition to my fundraising, I have worked as a bird banding assistant for the last two years and am a certified naturalist through the Delaware Nature Society.  

I am a musician as well as a writer and (indoor) cat petter, and shall be playing viola and piano for the enjoyment of all present on Sunday, August 13th at the Grand Opening of the North Star Orchard Farm Store. By way of example, here is a video of me playing "My Heart Will Go On" (Love Theme from "Titanic").

Tips are welcome as I play, and all will go to the Bird-A-Thon!