Name That Apple!

Monday, September 19, 2016
As you have probably noticed by now, NSO does not have many (if any) apple varieties that you have ever seen in the grocery store or even at most other farm stands! We want our apples to not only look great but taste even better, so we spend lots of time selecting (and by that I mean tasting lots of apples - good and bad) which apples to grow for you.
Here is a break down of the top ten highest selling apples in the U.S. compared to our top ten best sellers:
In the US At NSO
Red Delicious Gold Rush
Gala Winecrisp
Granny Smith Sugar Snap
Fuji Golden Russet
Golden Delicious Florina
Honeycrisp Rubinette
McIntosh Crimson Crisp
Rome Royalty
Pink Lady Summer Blaze
Empire Sansa

It's quite a different list, isn't it? Have you tried all of these varieties (both the store kinds and the NSO kinds)? What are YOUR favorites?

Variety is the spice of life - thank YOU for making it possible for us to grow and enjoy with you HUNDREDS of unique apple varieties!