A New "Crop" of Farmers!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spring on the farm means welcoming back warm weather, rain (sigh...), growing and blooming plants, and a bunch of great helpers to work with!

Every year, we welcome back returning helpers, but we are also excited to meet and work with a number of new (in many cases) wannabe farmers.

Returning key staff like Kevin, Lena, Paige, Josh, Kelly, Shannon, Laurie, and Laura are patient and helpful guides and mentors to those new folks who are coming in this year. Some of these NSO newbies have a bit of gardening or previous farming experience, and some have no experience in the "field" at all. So we are thankful to the optimistic and patient guidance our veteran helpers give to these new folks.

Starting this year as full-time seasonal helpers (and you can learn a bit about all of our helpers here) are: Hope, Joseph, Neil, Jacqueline, Devin, and Hannah.

As soon as I can get everyone together (AND it's not raining!!), I'll get a 2018 staff picture.

And then, as we go through the season, we'll introduce them each to you in a little more detail here. 

These are the people growing YOUR food....and they are the people who will be feeding us all in the FUTURE. 

Please say hello to our new staff when you see them (well, heck...say hello to our returning staff as well!!). We look forward to seeing you all again real soon as harvest season gets started.