Pick of the Week: Rainbow Beets!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Do you love bright colors and awesome flavors as much as we do? Well, then, how fitting that on the heels of this year's crop of Purple Tiger eggplant ripening up, here come the Rainbow beets as well!

These super-colorful and super-sweet beauties were developed right here on the farm by our own Farmer Ike, using regular good old-fashioned hand-crosses, not GMOs. So these babies you’ll find nowhere else – like in the world! How cool is that?

Glowingly beautiful pale yellow to red on the outside, with prettily glowing stripes inside, these beets are sweet and mild (in other words, they doesn’t taste like dirt as red beets can). Plus they have the decidedly excellent benefit of NOT STAINING EVERYTHING RED. OMG – that alone makes it a favorite in my book (and on my kitchen counter, and, quite frankly, in my digestive system, if you know what I mean!).

Ike has been developing new varieties of all kinds of other goodies including carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers, eggplant, peaches, and apples over the years. Mostly his goal is to develop:

1. Varieties that grow well in our area
2. Varieties that can tolerate diseases and pests better than commercial varieties
3. Flavor (of course!)

I hope you’ll have a chance to taste a number of Ike’s creations this year; most of them are real standouts!

Not a beet lover, you say? Well, give these a chance. In the past few years as we've had more of them available, more local food lovers have become beet lovers. The flavor in these really make a difference! We have a number of awesome recipes - so try something new, like "The Best Chocolate Beet Earthquake Cookie Recipe Ever". That one will make a convert out of anyone!

Do you have a favorite beet recipe? Share it with us!