Weirdo of the Week: Kohlrabi!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

If you think this weeks weirdo, kohlrabi, looks weird when you get it in your CSA share or at the farmers’ market, just imagine checking it out while it’s still in the field! Its bulbous body sits squat against the dirt, while its leafy stalks stretch up like homing devices toward space, a realm it surely would be right at home in. Luckily for us, kohlrabi grows just fine here on Earth!

Like celeriac, one must peel away that tough outer skin of this alien-looking vegetable, along with the fibrous layer just under to expose the crisp beauty beneath. We love that this brassica is versatile enough to be enjoyed raw or cooked. In its wild raw state, kohlrabi’s crisp radish-like spice and juiciness is perfect for tossing into salads. Try this one featuring pea shoots and a fennel seed vinaigrette, or this curry and couscous version.

For a great main dish showcasing kohlrabi, make them stuffed! Savory pork, onion and caraway make this recipe for German-style stuffed kohlrabi absolutely decadent. As a side, it doesn’t get simpler than this dead easy recipe for butter braised kohlrabi, perfect for accompanying meats or roasted veggie dishes. On the other hand, if you’re trying to hide this veg from the kids (or yourself) mash it up with some potatoes garlic and butter. Everything’s better with butter! Cooked or raw, smashed or frittered, we are glad to see this alien veggie back again!

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