Weirdo of the Week: Swiss Chard!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Chard is amazingly resilient. Long after the arugula has given up and long before the spinach can thrive in the cooler temperatures of Fall, chard keeps our greens needs covered. Plus, due to their weird ways, each plant gives us multiple harvests, so we can have a steady supply of the green stuff with fewer plantings than you might think!

Now, innumerable sources say “saute swiss chard in olive oil with garlic”. That’s all well and good; a fine way of cooking most any greens really! However, I think we can look for something a bit more interesting, don’t you think? 

To start, we’ve had a few mistaken comments of “ooh rhubarb!” regarding chard at farmers markets, and we agree, they do look a bit similar. So, sure you can make a sweet pie out of the stems, but don’t throw away those leaves!

Why not use them in enchiladas, along with some of that excess zucchini you have? There’s a bit of assembly required, but think of the payoff! How about savory Indian spiced potatoes and chard combined in an amazing salad? Yes please! Swiss chard rolls sound pretty dang delicious too. You could switch out the tofu for beef if you feel the need. And lastly, for dessert with a twist, grab some apples (yay, fruit is IN!) and throw together this Italian chard tart. We won’t tell if you use store bought crust, we promise. What an awesome way to get your greens!