What about Organic?

Ike and Lisa
Monday, September 21, 2020

Are we organic?

For some folks the word “organic” brings to mind much-despised college classes (think organic chemistry and shudder…).

Then also, this friendly reminder….

Yes, you and I and all fruits and veggies are technically organic organisms composed of many molecules including carbon atoms, which are required to be deemd an “organic organism”

Then also there is: organic computing, organic business growth, organic law, and more.

But we know what you’re thinking when you ask: “Are you organic?” You’re asking about our methods of crop production and how we go about pest control, of course!

We’ve addressed this issue on a permanent page on our website, which you can read at your leisure. (No spoilers...but the answer is both yes and no!)

Just recently, however, Ike wrote up some nicely detailed information about the block of organically-grown apples we have here on the farm. For more info than you may possibly want (especially as he may add even more technical stuff to it over time!) look here.

For the short version:

YES - we have some organically-grown apples!
NO - it’s not an easy thing to do!
YES - they can be purchased, but generally only by pre-order and at the West Chester Growers’ Market...because supplies are very limited indeed.

We are very excited about this project, as it is something we have always wanted to incorporate into our fruit growing efforts on our farm. We just (rather silly of us) located North Star Orchard in the mid-Atlantic region, which is pretty much the “perfect storm” area in regards to pest and disease pressures.

But hey, if we weren’t here, and instead opted to grow in an “easy” organic fruit-growing region, YOU would not have access to some of these apples you can find nowhere else! Favorites like Sugar Snap, Rubinette, Keepsake, and Dave's Delight you’d be very hard-pressed to find in this area. And our home-bred NSO varieties like Ludicrisp and Monolith you’d NEVER find….anywhere!!

So...thanks for your support... Eat your apples… And enjoy this little adventure of sustainable farming along with us in the process!

Photo below of NSO apples courtesy of Rob Cardillo Photography