When are Apples like Fine Wine?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

When are apples like fine wine? Why, when they are the stars of a curated tasting event of course!

If you enjoy wine, beer, and cheese tastings, you'll love coming to one of this year's Apple Explorer Tasting Events - and no designated driver is required!

Apple fans (or “Apple Geeks” if you will) and explorers of all ages are welcome. Over 3 special days this fall, we'll explore with you some of the most rare and unique apple varieties from the 350 or so we grow here at the farm.

The Blue Star Barn will be open at the farm from 11AM to 3PM on the following dates:

  • Saturday, September 17th

  • Sunday, October 2nd 

  • Saturday, October 15th

Explore the farm with a self-guided tour (we'll give you a map!), plus we'll have our full range of fruits and cider available for sale. Everyone is welcome to visit and walk the farm and/or shop - no reservation required!

For Apple Explorer Tastings, reservations are required ($10 to $25, depending on group size) to save your place for this unique adventure. Tastings take about 45 minutes, so you'll have plenty of time to explore the farm as well!


Your Apple Explorer Adventure will include:

  • Personalized small-group tasting in three flights of about 30 unique and rare apple varieties (different varieties each event day), presented by our own Apple Experts.

  • Learning about each variety’s notable characteristics. You'll be stunned by the various flavors from floral to spicy, citrusy to berry-like as you are presented with each variety.

  • Water and palate cleansers provided.

  • Tasting notes sheet to add to your Apple Passport (available for free at the event or any farmers’ market location).

  • Token(s) to redeem for favorite apples of your choice after the tasting to take home with you.

Additional Info:

  • Rain or Shine
  • Location: The NSO Blue Star Barn: 3232 Limestone Rd. Cochranville, PA 19330 (map)
  • Plan to arrive at the farm a bit prior to your reservation to check in and enjoy the farm atmosphere with a walk or chat with other apple lovers. Bring your picnic lunch if you like, and remember your camera!