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When you think ‘apple’, what pops into your mind’s eye?

I can just see it – a dark red, shiny, large fruit…perhaps sitting on the top of a bountiful fruit bowl, the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window reflecting off its polished surface.

Now hopefully those of you who have been our customers or CSA members for awhile might have a different vision! But I bet even a lot of you still picture a nice big red apple, even if it’s not so polished with wax that it gives off its own light.

So, where did this come from? How did our vision of the apple get to be this way?

Ever wonder how, despite the huge amount of variation in the natural world, almost all produce sold in grocery stores looks so uniform and perfect? Well, long before that produce reaches a store or farm stand, commercial growers both large and small have worked to sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some equations are best left unsolved. Despite all the delicious, rewarding, motivating experiences we have in our culinary careers, there can be distressing moments. Whether it’s a burnt omelette, a rotten melon, or an unfortunate mismeasurement of salt, such mishaps induce cringes and sighs everywhere.

With the fall arriving, and because this is the way my brain works, I’ve been wondering why I so look forward to the change from summer to autumn every year. Have you ever wondered why maybe you prefer one season over another? There’s something to be said for not over analyzing enjoyment of a thing because reducing it down to the constituent parts saps it of magic, but I’m not worried about that.

I have always thought nuts should be part of a diversified farm.

Hi apple lovers! Have you ever wondered what kind of apple you would be? If so, here is a little quiz to help you find out. Enjoy!

When do you like to arrive to the party?

  • A. Excitingly early
  • B. Right on time
  • C. Fashionably late

Which speaks to you most?

Could someone please tell me where the expression “easy as pie” came from?  Pies are not easy! Like all skilled tasks, pie baking takes practice and repetition, usually a mentor of some sort, and a magic touch doesn't hurt either.  We're talking about a very temperamental process that can be thwarted by humidity and any number of other factors.

Greetings!  With much rejoicing and a good appetite, I am excited to welcome the apple season! Primed by the early apples, we eagerly await such old—or soon-to-be—friends as the Winecrisp, Reinette Simerenko, and, last but not least, the Gold Rush.  The Gold Rush is a versatile variety, delicious sautéed and baked as well as eaten right out of the bowl.

(Note: This piece, written by helper Devin, is based on his understanding of the current knowledge base about the health effects of sugars and fruits, and should not be taken as actual medical advice. Please talk to your doctor or nutritionist and/or research journaled articles and studies for the most current and best-for-you recommendations)