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Can you find me in the picture above? I feel like my friend Waldo, except I don’t have as colorful a shirt as he does, just a white wool coat.

Summer squash, so called due to their short (relative to winter squash) shelf life and delicate skins, always seem to boom ‘till we’re almost up to our necks in them, then poof! No more zucchini and yellow squash. How to keep that bounty interesting, you ask? Here we go!

With names like Cherokee Purple and Malachite Box, heirloom tomatoes certainly fit the bill for being true weirdos. Plus, check out that skin! Those aren’t unripe tomatoes folks, but the natural hue for these funky fruits. Some of those purpley red Cherokees do have some slightly unripe green shoulders, but they catch up with the rest of the ripe tomato in nearly no time.

There are lots of different potato varieties that we grow, and they come in blue/purple, red, and white! There are also two different categories of potatoes we grow — new potatoes and storage potatoes. New potatoes are the kinds that come in early summer, that have skins that taste really good and are super-tender, and that you eat right away. Storage potatoes are the kind that you can keep in your pantry for a long time, like when it’s cold out. I didn’t know there was a difference!

‘Round here we love our cabbage. The humble cousin to showy kale and versatile broccoli, cabbage is mega good for you, and delicious to boot. Not weird enough you say? Cabbage is higher in vitamin C content than oranges, how’s that for weird! So no need to fear a deficiency in the form of scurvy next time you head out for a months-long pirate adventure. Just pack some sauerkraut and you’ll be golden!

Now, we know you have some familiarity with dill. Dill pickles, right? Or that dried green stuff you throw on potatoes to make ‘em look fancy. Fresh dill however, is an entirely different animal. It’s often described as “feathery” looking, and really it is a character with its distinct scent and showy greenery.

Last year, I spent a LOT of time thinning Asian pears (if you’ve ever come to one of our market stands, you’ll see why!).

“What on Earth are those weird pig tail shaped green things?” you might very well be asking this week. Those pig tails are garlic scapes, the stalks of undeveloped flowers that are emerging from each growing garlic bulb.

Do you ever feel like you’re all thumbs? Me too!

Well, that is, I feel like I’m all hooves sometimes…I don’t have thumbs!