North Star Orchard Blog

We worked hard today. Really hard.

When we planted the tomatoes a few weeks ago, we put down rows of plastic in the field. The plastic keeps the weeds from growing around the plants, and it helps protect their roots. But we only put the plastic down where we planted tomatoes, which means that the paths between the rows where the farmers walk are empty, and even though they get walked on a lot by work boots and little sheep feet, weeds can still grow there. Which means that we have to cover it up with straw to keep the weeds from getting enormous.

Well, I sure learned something new this week. Something I’d never heard of before. Something I didn’t even know was possible! Here’s how it happened:

The other morning, Lisa said: This week, we’re going to harvest the garlic scapes! I said: . . . What?

I’m thinning Asian Pears today! This is the first time I’ve helped with the thinning, and it’s a lot to learn all at once, but so far I think I’m doing okay.