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Hannah is in her third year here at NSO and has been our Washroom Manager since last year. She is responsible for making sure all of our vegetables for CSA and markets get washed, dried, packed, and stored in the proper ways to ensure they stay fresh and taste great! This year, she is also taking on the role of Vegetable CSA Manager and has been spending countless hours getting our new website up and running smoothly.  

Britton is joining us at NSO for her first year and this is also her first time working on a farm. After spending the last 10 years working at various restaurants and bakeries in Pennsylvania and Brooklyn, she is very interested in learning more about our food system: where our food is coming from, how we can improve the quality, how we can make it more accessible, etc.

Spring is here! All the plants (and birds and bugs and other animals) on the farm are waking up, and there’s TONS of work to do!

You’ve heard of the Lorax who spoke for the trees,
And of the Oncler, who made thneeds which everyone needs.
I heard of them too, a long time ago -
And now there's a new story I want you to know.

Jack Frost nipping at your nose around the holidays is seasonal and song-worthy. His playful nipping in April around opening fruit blossoms? Not so much. An extraordinarily warm March had the trees (and birds and bees) thinking spring, but old Jack? He had other plans!

Row covers of wonder
Row covers of might
Row covers hide awesome garden delights
I wish that they may
I wish that they might
Keep tender plants warm and cozy at night.

It seems like just about everything nowadays is tending towards instant.

Online, of course:
-Connect to the internet, in an instant
-Order a book for your Kindle, in an instant
-Download a song (or a whole album) to your iPod, in an instant

Have no fear! I, too, felt daunted by winter squash of all kinds. Oh, the time and effort and pre-planning required to use it. And how to use it?? Well, fear no more: here’s the super-duper, easy way to start dealing with your mountain of squash….

If you think this weeks weirdo, kohlrabi, looks weird when you get it in your CSA share or at the farmers’ market, just imagine checking it out while it’s still in the field! Its bulbous body sits squat against the dirt, while its leafy stalks stretch up like homing devices toward space, a realm it surely would be right at home in. Luckily for us, kohlrabi grows just fine here on Earth!

Romanesco is a shock to the senses! Its gorgeous lime green to chartreuse hue, sometimes freckled with a purpley red blush, is mesmerizing. This hypnotic appeal is clear once you realize Romanesco is a stellar example of the fibonacci sequence, or golden ratio. Its florets radiate out in perfectly ordered fractal spirals before your very eyes!