Anita Bower & Michael Carroll

Anita Bower

"I photograph the quotidian beauty that surrounds me, with a special love of flowers. I am drawn to color, shape, and texture. I enhance my photos using computer processing, revealing the image as I imagine it, often creating a painterly look. My goal is to capture and share the beauty I see all around us."

Michael Carroll

Father, husband, artist. Born and raised along the Susquehanna River in the small town of Marietta, Lancaster County; Michael currently resides in the Kennett Square area of Chester County.

Michael’s unique dimensional style stems from a lifelong study in the uses of oil, acrylic, and latex paints in conjunction with plaster, cements, glue, wood, etc. for intentional and unintentional uses. Every impression, image, and inspiration utilizes his experiences using these mediums in historical home restoration, construction work and furniture and cabinet building and refinishing. Each work comes from his imagination and life’s experiences into an art expression in his studio. After completing a piece his next step is to encase it in a custom frame to enhance and complete the artistic expression as a total work. Each painting and frame is signed since it is meant to be viewed, judged and experienced as a complete piece of art.

Michael encourages touching his paintings to experience the dimensional aspect.