Care Instructions:

Please refrigerate all apples, preferably in a plastic bag for best storage and quality.

  • Apples which are not refrigerated will lose their flavor and crunchiness quickly. While many think that a fruit bowl is a fine place for apples to be (and indeed, they are pretty that way), they will not stay as delicious and crisp as you'd like them to for very long.
  • If you prefer to eat apples at room temperature, only take out what you plan to use within a day or two for best eating quality.
  • Some varieties of apples (noteably Sansa, Shizuka, Stellar, and Gold Rush) hardly turn brown at all when they are cut, so these varieties are great for fruit plates and salads.
  • Early season varieties (before October 1st) will keep for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Late season varieties (after October 1st) will keep from one to three months in the fridge.

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