Jimi-Lee Weber (baskets and birds)
I began weaving baskets in 1981. My first baskets were woven using only round reed, now I weave with flat, flat oval, sea grass, cane, various woods, round reed and other natural materials. I found that weaving a useful, beautiful basket out of pieces of reed was very fulfilling. This began my study of baskets and how they were woven.

I began teaching 30 + years ago and have taught in colleges, churches, recreation centers and out of my home. I enjoy getting a small group of interested people together and passing on the tradition of basket weaving. My new creative endeavors are wood carving and quilting. There just are not enough hours in the day to do all three, so basket weaving and wood carving seem to monopolize most my days.



A local quilters guild with many members will be displaying their works and offering for sale selected items. This will be a great opportunity for getting a head start on your holiday season gift purchases!