Diary of a Worm

For Young Students (suggested ages 4-8):

We'll start with a storytime read-aloud of "Diary of a Worm" by Doreen Cronin, and learn about different kinds of worms and how they help the soil.

Then we'll hike through the vegetable garden to the compost area, where we'll talk about what goes (and doesn't go!) into compost pile, and how we use the HUGE piles of compost here at NSO. We'll also explore the worm composting bin, which is a way you can compost at home with the help of our wormy friends!

A book-related activity will be included, and we'll finish up with time for a snack.

For Older Students (suggested ages 8-12):

We'll discuss worms!  Anatomy, different types, benefits for the soil, life cycle, etc.

Then we'll explore soil types and components of soil. We'll talk about nutrients, organic matter, compaction, and how to improve the soil

We'll take a walk through the vegetable garden to the compost piles and worm bin. We'll learn about what compost is, and how it is made and used.    

Hands-on activity (worm dissection, if appropriate!) and snack time will be included.