Green Art


Four Artists Go Green 

We are four professional artists who have each created a body of work focusing on GREEN, referring to both overall color and environmental concerns.

We create in a  variety of media: painting, collage, mixed media, and printmaking. 

Sandi Neiman Lovitz 

Linda Dubin Garfield 

Edna Santiago 

Florence Weisz 

The Color Green symbolizes nature and the natural world. 

The Color Green is the color of balance, harmony, growth and regeneration.

The Color Green embodies rich foliage, lush greenery, and vast landscapes.

The Color Green is a balancer of emotions, creating equilibrium between head and heart. 

The Color Green brings with it a sense of hope, compassion, health, adventure, and renewal.

The Color Green reminds us to pause and breathe deeply, and be nurtured by Mother Earth.