Harvest Haunts!

TWO wonderful artists for this show will treat us to fall colors and seasonal holiday themes.
Please welcome and enjoy:

Jennifer Lex Wojinar

Artist Statement: Every creation starts with a deficiency. The process of introducing the ink into the surface is where the fun begins. Alcohol ink has a mind of its own. Drip, pour, stamp, splash, mist, or splatter.

My work is inspired by nature; a dreamy tree, a field of poppies, or a seascape. With the help of adding and removing ink, endless tools, air, and gravity, the shapes finally appear. I am drawn to making beautiful things. I love creating. It is the essence of who I am.Jennifer grew up in Lincoln University as an art lover. In high school, she spent her weekends taking classes at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Tyler School of Art at Temple University, focusing on Metals and Photography. After several years of working in the jewelry industry, she returned to scenic Chester County to start a family. For several years now, she has focused on creating art that captures the beauty of Chester County. Her newest medium of choice is Alcohol Ink which gives a dream-like quality to her pieces.

Take a class with Jennifer right here at NSO this year and learn how to create your own beautiful Alcohol Ink pieces. You can see additional classes available at other locations on her website, www.JenniferLexWojnar.com.

Kris Berlin

I like things that are cute, macabre, clever, and odd. I draw inspiration from nature and all of its creatures. I strive to capture the beauty, personalities, and uniqueness of plants and animals in my paintings because it is so often overlooked. Life is precious and deserves protection, which is why I donate 10% of my sales to charity, namely: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)OceanaWildAidHumane Society International (HSI), and Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

Art should be affordable to everyone. I offer custom pet portraits, commissions, originals, prints, note cards, and stickers with a wide range of pricing. You can purchase my work in my website’s shop, at the Reading Public Museum in Reading, PA, or by sending me an email.  I personally appreciate each and every purchase.

If you are local to Coatesville, PA, and want to purchase artwork in person, discuss event or show possibilities, or just talk art, I’d love to get together for coffee!