Kelly Martin, Linda Majewski, and Nancy Milan Ring

Kelly Martin
Quilling artist Kelly Martin was pulled toward quilling because she gets to create art in a unique way with paper, something that we use everyday!  It is exciting to see the pieces come from ideas and imagination and then gradually take shape as each curl of paper is added. She has always had an artistic side and started creating when her jobs could not be her creative outlet.  Although she currently works as a florist where she can be creative, she still loves experimenting with new techniques and trying new things.


Instagram: @PaperHIbiscus    

Linda Majewski
Welcome to the world of paper botanicals! Exploring the living plant world allows for the creation of naturally-inspired pieces that are at once familiar and surprising. Unusual containers bring a fresh and fun feeling to each plantscape.

All plants are original designs and are crafted from hand-dyed and hand-painted paper. Incorporating  moss, lichen, crystals, shells, or driftwood into each composition completes the natural setting.

Nancy Milan Ring
I am a mixed media and found object artist who lives in Havertown, Pennsylvania. My creations are inspired by my passion for nature and the energetic forces unseen.

Vintage and antique dolls form the foundation for most of my pieces. In addition, I create mixed media still lifes and photographs which complement the themes and emotive intentions of all of my artwork. I embellish my dolls and create the still lifes from repurposed items and also from found objects that I discover on my daily walks with my remarkable canine companion and scavenging assistant, Ellie. Each object that I find spurs new creative visions. In what most would consider to be “trash”, I see beauty and purpose.

My Fairy Series depicts physical representations of energetic beings who, though they may appear to be whimsical, are compassionate, yet very strong and passionate in their work to protect all aspects of the natural world...a world which is being increasingly threatened and encroached upon by the human species.

It is my hope that my artwork inspires a sense of wonder in the natural world and a consideration of the unseen energetic forces, “The Magic” that I believe is all around us.