Kitchen Arts: Easy Homemade Gnocchi

Delicious and deceptively easy gnocchi is so much fun to make, and you might even convince the kids to pitch in! Prepare to roll up your sleeves with Theresa in the kitchen and learn to transform the humble potato into a wonderfully versatile pasta. After it’s cooked, we’ll serve up our creation with some sauce and chow down. Yum!

Children approximately 5 years of age and older are welcome to attend with an adult, provided they’re mature enough to be mindful in a kitchen setting.

Instructor: Theresa Zununio

What do you do when you have a Master's degree in Education? You cook of course! Theresa is working through career #4 and is finding agriculture, farming, and domestic goddess endeavors most satisfying. Canning, making butter, raising farm animals, and gardening are the best ways to spend the day. Theresa uses what she's learned from her extended Italian family to refine and cultivate her own home grown passions. She is the owner of Grandma's Goods and Services in West Grove, PA