Moulton & Lavender Splender

Erica Moulton
I believe art should be inspiring and inspire conversation.  Many of my photographs and painted photos are inspired by a connection I feel between what I see, hear and the thoughts I am having.  The titles of these are the inspiration I got from that moment in time.  I believe these ideas or messages come from a higher power.  Holy Spirit, God and Jesus is what I believe, you may believe it comes from a different source.  I need to pass it on to you.  Art to me represents where your heart and soul want to be or have been.  The process I go through for all my work is a way of connecting to the world a little different, to create an intellectual and spiritual experience.  I hope it helps you look at the world from a different pErspEctivE.

Lavender Splender
(David and Pam Marsh)
If it was not for a local Lavender Festival, we would have likely never realized what the true meaning of Lavender brings to our souls.

From the view of the Lavender fields, and then the amazing Lavender scent, it truly brings out the best in you. From the English Lavender to the French Lavender, to deep purple hues of the Lavender plant, to the brilliant white of the Lavender, it is truly an amazing experience that has inspired us to create the art that lives inside all of us.

The artist in me tells me to try to recreate the magnificent splendor of what nature creates.  Our commitment will be to try to recreate nature as best as humanly possible, as we see it……..and so the adventure begins.