Neubauer & Przybylek

Bonnie Neubauer
Bonnie Neubauer is an author, board game designer, and Grief Coach. When her husband died, words were insufficient to express her emotion, so she turned to visual art. Her feelings flowed in the form of shape, color, texture, layer, and movement. As Bonnie continues to travel the path from pain and sadness into a life of love and meaning, her art also evolves. In all the series she creates - be it characters made of circles and ovals, peeled glue abstracts, aluminum foil scenes, collaged women, or spin art landscapes - her sense of wit and whimsy shine through. Looking at her art, playing the games she designs, using her books on creative writing, or participating in her grief sessions will very likely bring a smile to your face. Yes, you read that correctly; healthy grief work contains much laughter and joy. Bonnie is living proof of that. 

Stephanie Przybylek
Exploring animals and nature is my passion. From an early age, I enjoyed drawing, painting, modeling and interpreting creatures of all kinds. I even pursued taxidermy correspondence courses! My professional experience has been in the museum field as a curator, writer, exhibit fabricator, educator and administrator. Throughout my career, I've continued to create images and objects expressing a life-long interest in animal life.

I hold a BA in Art from Gettysburg College, and an MA in Art History from University of Delaware. And here's what I believe: Regardless of past experience, you can also learn to explore your own creativity.

Mediums:  Colored pencil, watercolor, gouache, acrylics, ink, mixed media on paper, board, wood; computer graphics and even seashells, driftwood, Mardi Gras beads, beer caps, and other assorted and sundry found objects.