Peaches and Nectarines


Care Instructions:

Our peaches are picked firm, but tree-ripe. For perfect eating, leave them at room temperature for 1 to 3 days until you can dent them a bit with your finger.

  • There is no need to hide them away in a paper bag! Keep them on the counter so they are pretty and you remember to check them.
  • To delay softening if you have a lot of peaches, store those you wish to keep longer in a bag in the refrigerator. While some people say peaches should never be refrigerated, we have found this only to be true with peaches that have been picked 'too green'. Many large  orchards pick fruit much, much too early. Then, the fruit ‘shuts down’ when it is refrigerated, and further ripening does not occur. When picked tree-ripe, as our peaches are, the fruit continues the ripening process even when it is cold… although refrigeration does delay the process.
  • You can refrigerate our peaches for a short period of time without losing much in the way of flavor or texture. It’s certainly better to refrigerate a few, if you have too many, than to allow them to ‘get ahead’ of you by softening up all at once at room temperature!

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