Do you get stuck at family gatherings when your gluten free aunt shows up? When your daughter suddenly decides to go vegan? Or how about when your job’s nut-free holiday party potluck rolls around? We’re here to help! This class will teach you how to make delicious and easy pie crust that can be easily adapted to suit any allergies or dietary restrictions. We’ll make a pie together, and you will get to taste different varieties made with fresh North Star Orchard fruit. Plus - you’ll get to take dough you make in class home!

First, we will discuss everyone’s dietary restrictions or pie needs. 
Second, we will make dough together. 
Third, while the dough chills, we will prep fillings and discuss tips for preventing common issues such as watery filling. 
Fourth, we will learn to roll out the dough and tricks to get it in the pan *hint: parchment paper!* as well as learn to make a lattice crust. 
Fifth, while pie bakes, we will taste pre-prepared pies and folks will get a chance to visit the farm store and ask questions. We may also explore other ways to decorate pies and discuss uses for crust beyond fruit pies (quiches, savory pies, pumpkin and pecan pies, toaster pastries, cinnamon swirls, empanadas etc). *Anyone who needs to leave early will be welcome to head home at this point with their dough in tow.*

Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours 
Limit 12 attendees
No experience necessary
Age: 18+ (minors 12+ are welcome to attend with an adult, due to use of sharp knives in this class)

$25.00 per person