Care Instructions:

Plums may remain at room temperature for a day or two at most if you prefer them softer and sweeter. They do soften quickly, however, so don't forget about them!

  • For longer storage, keep plums in a bag in the refrigerator, and just pull them out as you need them to soften up.
  • Some people prefer plums more firm and tart, so there is a bit of personal preference of course, but we feel the best tasting plum is one that has a bit of 'give' to it. If you like them more tart, keep them in the refrigerator.
  • Some varieties, particularly Oullins Gage, Green Gage, and Rosy Gage are best when they are quite soft. You may even think they are too soft to be good - but they'll blow your mind with flavor at that stage.
  • Experiment and enjoy!

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