Sarah Snyder-Dinsel & Gregg Rash

Sarah Snyder-Dinsel

Sarah Snyder-Dinsel is a Chester County artist with a BFA in Illustration from University of Delaware. Sarah's primary medium is acrylic, with most of her subject matter focusingon nature and all of its nuances.

"I am an illustrator at heart. Even as a child I wanted desperately to draw things exactly as they were. It has been my greatest artistic challenge to translate my illustrations into a higher form of art. I am able to stay closest to my illustrative nature in my animal paintings. Farm animals and family pets are my greatest artistic passion and I strive to capture the personality of every animal that I paint."

Sarah currently paints commissioned paintings and furniture in her home studio in Chester County, PA.


Gregg Rash

(Wood) laser art

I began using lasers for work about 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until my wife and I took a trip about three years ago to Seattle, and to the fish market with all of their little shops that I started using them to create art. In Seattle is where I saw a beautiful ornate candle light box that was obviously cut out using a laser. I could do that! When we got  home from our trip I started researching lasers and all of the wonderful things which could be created. Three months later I had my laser and I hit the ground running.

So many ideas, so little time! I can’t wait  to retire to explore all my creative ideas.