Farm Friend Membership

Become a Farm Friend each year and enjoy lots of membership benefits and perks!

Enjoy a wider range of produce and other products in 2019, as well as more open hours (Thursday thru Sunday, 10AM to 5PM each day!)

See info below for full details!

Membership is valid at our farm store in Cochranville only (not farmers' market locations).
The Fruit Share CSA is also available at the farm store. Become a member of one or both!

  • Show your card and save! Receive 10% off all produce purchases (both veggies and fruits). Select whatever you and your family like best, now including more of your requested favorites such as mushrooms, sweet corn, cherries, strawberries, melons, and pumpkins.
  • Enjoy frequent "Members Only Specials" on rare or unique items or bulk purchasing opportunities
  • "First Dibs" on more limited items, including your reservation for the season's supply of Gold Rush apples
  • Discounts on many classes and on-farm paid events such as apple tastings.
  • Monthly Member Drawings for all kinds of your favorite goodies. Here's this year's drawings (to be selected the first Saturday of every month. You need not be present to win!)
    • June - Welcome to the Season! 2 jars of deliciousness of your choice from Grandma's Goods, plus a free Kitchen Arts class of your choice. 
    • July - The Colors & Flavors of Summer! A bundle of sunflowers, and an assorted fruit basket
    • August - Picnic Time! A salsa/hot sauce sampler, tortilla chips, and bag of peaches
    • September - Great Fall Gatherings! A handcrafted wooden cheese board  plus 2 cheeses and a jar of whiskey hollow mustard
    • October - Apple Season! An assorted apple basket & apple slicer, 2 bottles of apple cider, a jar of apple butter and cider applesauce 
    • November - Treats for winter! 2 NSO mugs, a bag of coffee, and a jar of Whiskey Hollow maple syrup

$50 for the entire season (June until Christmas)

Price includes a membership card which all members of your household are able to use. You'll receive your card the first time you come to shop after signing up for your membership.

Rather not carry another card? Take a photo of your membership card to store on your phone, and simply show us that when you shop!


  • Why Should I join? This is BETTER than our traditional CSA Veggie Share option, which it kind of replaces.... 
    • Enjoy a wider range of produce, with new items coming from local Chester and Lancaster County farms. If we don't grow it, we'll try to get it!
    • Convenience: No designated pick-up times other than when we're open!
    • Freedom of Choice! Don't like beets? Now you don't have to take them! Want to OD on tomatoes? Go for it! Allergies and food insensitivities? No problem; pick out things you love which make you feel good!
    • Quantities selected can vary depending on your schedule! If you're away, select less. If you're having a big crowd in for a family reunion, select a lot!
    • No more worries about vacation plans, etc. Skip a week if you want to, or come visit and shop several times a week
    • Choose what you want, when you want it.
  • What if I lose or forget my card? We keep a record of your membership and can look up your name if necessary. To save time and not worry about losing or forgetting your card, take a picture of it and keep it on your phone to show us when you shop!
  • Can I use my membership card at a farmers’ market locations? No. This membership is for use at the farm store in Cochranville only.

  • Can I give my card to my neighbor to use? We’d appreciate it if you keep your membership discount and perks for use by your immediate household. Each member of your household is welcome to carry a picture of your card on their own phone for use each time they stop in. We appreciate that you may like to share the excitement of great food with your neighbor or extended family and friends, and will appreciate it very much if you encourage them to purchase their own farm membership!

Please contact us if you have more questions.