Fruit Share Change Request

The "Hold" feature on your Farmigo account gives you the flexibility to pause your Fruit Share during weeks when you will not be able to receive it, such as because you’ll be away on vacation.
(Reference photo for this process is below)

For more information on our hold policies, please revisit our Policy page

To add delivery holds, make changes, and vacation requests, to your account:

1. In your account, select the "Delivery Hold" tab along the top (see GREEN arrow in the picture)

2. Enter a delivery hold date range. You can select a date range of a single day, or a date range that includes several days that you would like to be on hold (such as if you’ll be on a two-week vacation)

3. You can add up to 3 delivery holds at a time in the system.

4. In the “Summary” box on the right (see PURPLE arrow in picture), you’ll be able to select your make up date and location (if a different location be more convenient for that particular pickup)

4. Save changes! (see RED arrow in picture)

You will receive an automatic email with a summary of your hold.

You must place holds BY Sunday night if your regular share day is Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
You must place holds BY Wednesday night if your regular share day is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

When you get your make up bag on the day you chose, simply follow the member checklist…if you are getting a double share that day, rather than your nomal single, for example, the checklist will indicate you get 2 shares instead of 1.

To remove delivery holds from your account (if plans changed or you made an error):

Hit the green "X" button to the right of the delivery hold in the "Summary" box to remove a hold.