Increase Your Apple IQ!

With more than 300 apple varieties to choose from, it’s pretty clear that NSO is passionate about all things APPLE! Applesauce, apple butter, apple cider, and apple information. We know how to grow them, how to pick them, how to store them, and how to get them to you.

Now we have a few more interesting tidbits to add to YOUR apple knowledge:

  • ⅔ of the fiber found in an apple is in the peel
  • Apples are part of the rose family, Rosaceae
  • Apple blossom is the state flower of both Arkansas and Michigan
  • 1 in 4 apples grown in U.S. is then exported
  • 5% of the fresh apples consumed in the U.S. are imported
  • The U.S. is the 2nd largest apple producer in the world after China (Poland is 3rd)
  • ⅓ of apple production goes to processing products like applesauce, juice etc..

Now you can go out and beat someone at Trivial Pursuit!

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