Welcome to Adventures in Flavor! Over 300 varieties of apples are here at the farm, in a wide range of colors, sizes, and (most importantly!) flavor. Most of the varieties are either very new or heritage/antique varieties. We will continue to update descriptions and pictures as young trees start producing.

  • Many of our apple varieties are available in limited quantities and will not be available at all farmers' market or CSA pickup location sites.
  • Varieties in very limited quantities, and most available at the farm store, will be stickered either with the variety name or a number, for ease of identification. To identify this year's varieties labeled with only a number, look here.
  • Are you an apple fan? Pick up an "Apple Passport" when you visit and make tasting notes as you enjoy adventures in flavors all through apple season!. 

    ★ = Indicates a NSO developed variety.

Calville Blanc

Sweet-tart, complex, mildly fruity-flavored apple with a very fine, firm, moderately-breaking texture. An old French variety, its distinct shape ... (more)

Canada Red

Smallish, sweet, with breaking, fairly tender texture. A very old New England variety once known as Nonsuch, and at one point widely grown ... (more)

Canadian Strawberry

Moderately tart apple with a very fruity, spicy, complex flavor. Of unknown parentage, first planted in Solon, Maine about 100 years ago, and is very rare. ... (more)

Caney Fork Limbertwig

Sweet with a spicy, fruity flavor and firm, moderately breaking texture. Keeps well in storage. Originated in Kentucky, in the Caney Fork region of the Cumberland mountains. Unknown date of origin. Ripens early November.

Cherryville Black

Sweet, rich fruity spicy-flavored apple with tender, non-breaking texture. Grown by a family in Cherryville, NC for over 100 years. Circa 1800s. Ripens in mid-August.

Chestnut Crab

A small apple packed with unique nutty, fruity flavors, and a dense fine-grained flesh. A cross between Malinda by Siberian crab apple. ... (more)

Clara's Creek

Tart apple with a fruity flavor and hard, breaking texture. Originated as a seedling along the banks of a creek on the property of Clara Daugherty ... (more)


Sweet, spicy and fruity flavored dessert apple with firm, non-breaking texture. Does not keep well. Originated in Ohio, circa pre-1850. Also known as Nutmeg Pippin. Ripens late August.

Coe's Golden Drop

Very small, sweet-tart, very fruity-flavored apples with a firm, non-breaking texture. Does not keep well. Originally from England, circa 1842. Ripens in mid-September.

Coop 17

Sweet and fruity apple with a hard, non-breaking texture. One of the parents that gave rise to Gold Rush. Recent introduction. Ripens in late October.

Cornish Aromatic

Sweet with a mild aromatic flavor and tender texture. This variety was discovered in Cornwall in 1813 but is suspected of being considerably older. Ripens in late September.

Crimson Crisp

Sweet-tart, mildly fruity apple with a hard, moderately-breaking texture. Also known as Co-op 39. Recent introduction. Ripens in late August to early September.