Gold Rush

Sweet-tart with a complex fruity spicy flavor with hard, breaking texture. Develops an excellent and unique aromatic sweet flavor after several weeks of refrigeration. If properly stored, can be kept for many months. Excellent for all uses. Really! A favorite for eating, pies, varietal cider, and drying. Stored Gold Rush may start to shrivel over a couple months, but they retain their flavor and firm texture and so continue to be great for fresh eating during the winter months. Absolutely amazing apples! Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois (PRI) patented this variety 1993, bred as a cross of Golden Delicious and Coop 17. This variety was almost discarded because the breeder felt like it ripened too late, but it was saved and has become a popular variety grown for winter storage. (Join us in the fall for the Gold Rush Rush, during which you can stake your claim for 20-pound bags of apples and varietal cider to keep for the winter! For more details about Gold Rush as a storage apple, click here.) Ripens in late October.