Welcome to Adventures in Flavor! Hundreds of varieties of apples are here at the farm, in a wide range of colors, sizes, and (most importantly!) flavor. Most of the varieties are either very new or heritage/antique varieties. We will continue to update descriptions and pictures as young trees start producing.

  • Varieties in very limited quantities are often stickered either with the variety name or a number, for ease of identification. To identify this year's varieties labeled with only a number, look here.
  • Many of our apple varieties are available in limited quantities and will not be available at all farmers' market or CSA pickup location sites.
  • Are you an apple fan? Pick up an "Apple Passport" when you visit and make tasting notes as you enjoy adventures in flavors all through apple season!
  • Look here for a bunch of apple recipes

    ★ = Indicates a NSO developed variety.

Red Rebel

Sweet, fruity flavored apple with a firm, non-breaking texture. Originally from Virginia and thought to be extinct until an old tree, planted in the 1930's, was found by ... (more)

Red Winter Pearmain

Slightly tart with a complex, fruity, spicy flavor and firm, moderately breaking texture. Circa pre-1867, its origins are unknown, but it may have come from Buncombe ... (more)


Sweet apple with unique, fruity flavor and a hard, breaking texture. Moderate storage life. We had recieved trees of both "Relieka," and "Rebella," at the ... (more)

Reverend Morgan

Sweet, very fruity flavor, with hard, moderately-breaking texture. Circa 1970s, developed by Reverend Henry Morgan, (not pirate Henry Morgan!) in the Houston, Texas ... (more)


Moderately tart apple with a mild appley flavor and a tender breaking texture. Circa 1983, originally from Canada. Ripens in early August.


Massive fruits! Sweet-tart with an appley flavor and a firm, moderately breaking texture. Good storage life. Also known as NY75413-30, a recent introduction. ... (more)


Sweet with a rich, complex, aromatic flavor similar to Cox’s Orange Pippin. Has a fine, firm, breaking texture and moderate storage life. Unknown ... (more)