Asian Pears

  • Also known as apple pears, nashi, and oriental pears, Asian pears are not a cross of apples and pears, but are closely related to European pears (the 'regular' pears).
  • Asian pears tend to be more expensive than regular pears and apples because they are much more difficult to grow. The video on this page shows one of the most labor-intensive parts of growing high-quality Asian pears: fruit thinning.
  • Asian pears may be eaten peeled or unpeeled, and are a great addition to salads. They can be used in cooking in any way you would use apples or pears. Over the years, our customers have made them into pies, tarts, 'baked apples', poached pears, and more.
  • If you're wondering why there aren't many to be found right now, please read our blog post: "Where's the Asian Pears?"


Very juicy and very sweet, typically on the smaller side. A Japanese variety that ripens in mid-August. Circa unknown.