Peaches and Nectarines

  • With a few exceptions noted below, many peaches are very similar in flavor and hard to describe other than "sweet and peachy". There can be some subtle diffences, though, so feel free to talk with us when you visit for recommendations!
  • Look here for a variety of peach and nectarine recipes, plus care and storage information.


AKA PF24-007. Yellow peach; freestone. Typically very large, much like the skills of our favorite fictional spy “Bond, James Bond.”

Autumn Star

Yellow peach; freestone.

Autumn Supreme

Yellow peach; freestone.


Yellow peach; freestone. Great peach flavor in a small package!

China Pearl

White peach; freestone. This white peach always wins rave reviews - it has a sweet and amazing flavor with a lovely lingering finish, and the smooth creamy texture is to die for.


Yellow peach; freestone.


Yellow peach; clingstone. Developed by the New Jersey AES at Rutgers University.

Early Gem

AKA PF1. Yellow peach; clingstone. The first peaches of the year! Fairly small, but these have good flavor for such an early peach.

Early Star

Yellow peach; clingstone.


Nectarine; clingstone packed with tangy nectarine flavor.


Yellow peach; freestone.


Yellow peach; freestone. From our own fruit breeding program, you’ll find this sweet and peachy delight nowhere else.