Forget those icky, flavorless or bitter grocery store plums, and open your mind (and tastebuds!) to the amazing variety of colors, shapes, flavors, and textures of locally-grown plums. You're likely to become addicted!

  • A few of our plum varieties routinely show up at farmers' markets. Many of the varieties, however, are in relatively limited quantities, and will go into the CSA Fruit Share first.


AKA Pozeqaca. Small blue plums with rich flavor. A landrace variety from the former Yugoslavia. Our strain was selected from the Cornell Geneva Station. Circa unknown, but very old. Ripens in mid-September.

Prune d'Ente

Ripens in mid-September.


A very sweet Asian type with a purple flesh; a real crowd-pleaser. Probably originated in New Hampshire. Ripens in mid-July.